Piece label international size

Hi, for some of my clients and project I have to use international sizing. (XS, S, M, L …). As this is not possible for the moment I use 38 as a M 40 as a L and I can so on. But when I need to label my pieces have to write it manually for each piece. Is there a way to put a formula that can transform 38 by M 40 by L…? If so, where and how can I do it? Thanks


Hi Eve…

Can I assume you’re using a multisize pattern… where you are using the “size” place holder in the labels?

Unfortunately there currently is no way to automatically convert a size in a label. All the labels can do is retrieve the current value of any given placeholder variable. Only thing I can think of at the moment is to manually change the label for each size. Maybe you could save templates for each size, and just change the template before exporting.

This in the bigger picture is another aspect of what @Grace and I have discussed regarding the sizing in multisize patterns. Unfortunately the way the multisize is currently setup is based on the included GOST vst, and doesn’t account for what a given size is in another measurement system as well as the grading range. So, yes, we realize we need to be able set sizes in S,M,L,XL as well as inches.


Hi there, maybe this would be helpful to you.

To get around this restriction I use a table set up as a pattern piece that I print out with the pattern. Eg I have 4 sizes in my multi size seamly pattern. The label prints the size on the piece label. The table says what my size code is for each seamly size. That way I don’t have to change the label every time.

It is also important to know what size I printed out.

And I use it to help overlay the pattern pieces in inkscape to identify areas I need to adjust in seamly.



Thank you @SandraB, I see but i think i prefer have it more clear. So i’ll spend time doing it manually meanwhile a the international size will be developed.

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