Piece tracing trouble

Continuing the discussion from Setting Seam allowance and Internal Path while drafting from Draft to Piece:

@Douglas: Speaking of stuff you can’t do when first tracing off the pattern piece, using the April 11 AppImage on my Chromebook’s Linux VM, I just now traced off a piece that had Notches, & was kinda able to set the notches while in the tracing verification screen, except that after that I was unable to okay the tracing, even when I turned the notches back off. (Ed: Also happening on my Ubuntu Desktop.)

Here’s the error as it appears in my Terminal:

Math parser error:
 Message:      "Unexpected token \"CurrentSeamAllowance\" found at position 0." 
 Expression:   "CurrentSeamAllowance" 

Update: Turns out that if I manipulate the tracing at all in the verification stage I am unable to proceed, even if I put the nodes back to how they had been. Reversing curves, moving nodes gathered out of order, or excluding excess nodes; it’s either, “Yes this is acceptable,” or, “No, I’ll just trace it again.”

I know I used to be able to move nodes around before okaying it.