Place a perpendicular line to an oblique line

Here I am again with a new question…!

This time with this issue: I have an oblique line going from T8 to T7. On the middle of this line, I put a point, T10. What I would like to do it to set a perpendicular to T8…T7, starting from T10.

The aim is to draw the middle line of a dart which is oblique too. I saw there is a tool especially for perpendiculars, but when I select T7 and T10, somehow, I can place the perpendicular but I cannot “finish” the operation, the program says at the bottom of the window that I have to chose another point…

What I am doing wrong?

See screenshot attached. (PS: on the preview you might not see T7 on the right side of the oblique line, but if you right click on the picture it is there)

Thanks in advance for helping me if you can! Noukita

I used the Point along Perpendicular tool to create the line, you only need to select the node that you wish the line to go out from and one other node:


Hi Grace, I see, I just had picked the wrong tool… (I am discovering the software little by little, I try first to find out by myself but here for example I did not notice there is another tool with perpendiculars, so I thought I was using the tool in a wrong way). Thank you very much.

I must say, the forum is as great as the software itself, it is cool to be helped so much (and so fast too). THANKS AGAIN :slight_smile: