Plusieurs exemplaires

Merci pour tout ! Et est il possible qu’une pièce soit reproduite N fois dans le “layout” ? Ceci pour exploiter l’optimiseur de placement, en considérant que le papier est en réalité le tissu.


Hello, @doc

At the moment, no, it’s not possible to reproduce multiple copies of the pattern pieces unless you create them in the Add Details.

It’s a slow and painstaking process, but it is underway, to add new functions to Seamly2D that will, eventually, allow for creating nested patterns and user created layouts for cutters, etc.

At this point, you can export your pattern to .svg, open it in Inkscape or similar program, and copy & paste it the number of times you want and lay them out as you wish.

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No. Not at this time. What you’re speaking of is a marker or cut layout mode. It’s on the wish list.

I would do as @Grace suggests and export the pattern pieces as SVG’s and use them Inkscape to produce your cut layout.