PMs are suspended

For the forseeable future, the private messaging capability is suspended. We have been going through a transition period and some persons are still emotionally upset, and they’re abusing the pm system to create an atmosphere of tension and pressure. Plus, creepy much? It’s usually difficult for people to keep up negative behaviors for very long, so we’ll get through this.

If you need to, you can always pm the forum staff. And if anyone wants to be a staff member, please let me know! It would be good to have three or four people to do this, we could do more than just this forum!

I’d like to encourage everyone to post publicly and post often, and remember this forum is here to help you make patterns no matter which software you use. :star_struck:

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By “some people” you are referring to Roman, of course?

@prokoudine, does it matter?

@slspencer [quote=“slspencer, post:1, topic:2101”] If you need to, you can always pm the forum staff. [/quote] I do not see any button for PN, no matter whether moderator or user. Maybe you’d like to doublecheck this? :slight_smile:

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Hi @prokoudine! Good catch. According to Discourse, when pm’s are disabled the capability to send pm’s to staff remains active. But as you pointed out, how? I’ll investigate. Thanks.

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After December 12 I volunteer to learn to be a staff member