Point extended from line

I finally got past the learning curve of using seamly 2D and started drafting a simple m.mueller & sohn pattern.

All i want to do is extend a point double from the previous line, in the same direction. There doesn’t seem to be a tool that does this which will also anchor to the previous line.

I can create the line based on the angle and length measurements from the previous line but is there a tool to anchor to the previous line (two points) so that the new point (third point) will not sit there like a limp noodle when i modify the second point?

In other words I don’t want to have to recreate the angle and length measurements when the basis line is moved!

Thanks in advance!

For reference the pattern is How to sew a Panty › M.Mueller & Sohn

and involves line 22 - 23, which is based on 5 - 22.


It’s disguised! Use the Point Midpoint of line, & change the division to multiplication, then you’ll have a new point at double the distance along the same vector. (The tool is actually Point on Line, but Point Midpoint saves typing in CurrentLength.)

I hope that does it for you!



That works great! Thanks for lifting the veil.