Point, lines, objects rotation

I have done 3 blocks up to now, trousers, jeans and bodice. it is time now for me to transform them and develop them into patterns. The problem is that I am getting very confused about object and lines. Is there any difference between the line drawn in the line tab and the line appointed to point ? It gets very confusing when it is time for grouping objects. are points objects? or only lines and curves. For exemple, if I want to group the inside leg, shall I include the point at knee level which carry the horizontal knee line, or only the 2 curves which link the crotch to knee and the knee to the ankle? I have the same problem with seam allowance. I have to tick on the points and curves clockwise but what about the lines? Why taking the curves into consideration and not the lines? So confusing. thanx

Hi @coco

When creating the block or drawing, the lines are only guides (so you can visualise the result) and references (so you can measure the distance between 2 nodes or points). That is why you can change them to invisible, if you wish.

When you are creating the detail of the piece of the pattern, it is like a piece of string that you are guiding around some nails (which are the nodes) hammered into a table. So from 1 nail to the next the string will lay straight. But when you need a curve, you need something to guide the string into a curve, so therefore, you need to select the guide (which is the curve) as well, so your piece of string takes the correct curve.

When you have selected a curve and then select a node on a curve, the curve stops because it thinks you will select another node and go straight. If you want the curve to continue, you will need to select the curve again.

Since Valentina can only create the details in a clockwise direction, the curve must be created in a clockwise direction. If it isn’t, you can hold down the shift key while selecting the curve to reverse its direction, or you can change it later by editing the options.

When selecting nodes in a straight line, you don’t have to select ALL the nodes, only the ones you want to (for passmarks) or the start of the straight line and the end of the line where it changes direction.

Once you’ve had a little practice, it actually becomes very easy and you’ll get the pattern pieces created very fast :slight_smile:

I hope this explains it all to you.


Good question. Lines are treated differently than curves becaase they are created and stored differently. They are different types of objects. It can be confusing at first.

Selecting the points depends on what you will do with the group.
If you will use the points for further processing in your group, then include the points.
And if you want the line to how up in your group, then include the points.

HTH! :slight_smile:

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thanx for all those precisions.

I think the key was partly the clockwise/anticlockwise curve, at least for the seam allowance. but the selection for operation is still a mystery for me. I can’t rotate lines, only points and curves. and I can’t rotate if rotation point is on the path I want to rotate. is there a way to rotate easily? maybe make a new point on the top of an existing one? not sure. thanx a lot

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After rotation, draw in the lines with the Line tool.


Hi @coco, The rotation point is the centre (axis) of the circle that you want your piece to rotate around. If you want to rotate that, you will end up with an endless loop for rotations that will just keep rotating until you switch off your computer. That is why you can’t select it in the rotation. Just select all the nodes and curves around the centre point, press enter and then select the axis point, drag the group around to the angle where you’d like to place them.

As @slspencer said, you can draw in the lines later, if you wish.

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Not sure why the lines aren’t drawn after rotation. Theoretically they could be redrawn.

This is something that should be investigated, because the tool’s behavior should match expectations. Here’s the issue in github: