Point on Spline and Point Intersect Arc and Line cannot change color

as the title, I’m able to usually change the color of a point but if the point is created with these two tools there is no option in the properties.

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Yes, this is because the color is usually applied when you create the arc or spline, and only applies to the line and not the actual node/point.

Points don’t have color. Lines, arcs, and curves have color. If it’s Point On Curves / Splines or Intersect tool there will be no color option as the tool is only creating a point.

That being said, while checking the Point - Intersect Arc and Line tool I did notice it does not draw a persistent visualization.


I see, I was expecting to be able to change the point name itself. Like in the screenshot

point A01 has no pen but the name itself is violet.

Anyway now I know this is expected .

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When you have the Use Tool Color toggled on, pen_color@2x

then the tools that have a color, the point name will display as the tool color, otherwise they display as the default Point Color. Which you can set in the Applications Preferences->Graphics->Colors. The Point on Curve / Spline and Intersect points only use the default color or Black if Using Tool Color. .


While it would be possible to add color to those point tools, it’s a lot of work to update all the dialogs, tools, visuals, Property Editor, Pattern parser, scene point GraphicsItem, updating the XML schema, adding a conversion routine, and probably somethings I’m not thinking of at the momment.

And just a note… Currently you can’t add color to Operational tool points - which is even more difficult to implement than the other point tool, and explaining why is beyond the scope of this topic. They also display in the default color.


thanks for the explanation, I actually always leave Use Tool Color on, it helps me to differentiate between different type of point: Points belonging to the seam line, points just used for construction, etc.

this might be a use case for Groups (ex auxiliary point group)

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