Possible bugs

Things I have been noticing and am not sure if they are bugs or feature requests. I will just put them here and you guys can let me know. Are we Actively programming atm?

One issue is because we can’t clone/copy/paste a pattern piece I find myself doing a “save as” to start a new design using an existing block. When I do this, it seems as though the autosave/autolock files don’t go away for the originals. So when I shut everything down and try to open new again I get an error about them already being open. It gives a warning about possible data corruption.

Another slightly annoying issue is once you name a point something other than it’s default A23 or whatever it cannot be renamed once it is used as part of something else. For an example, I have a point that is suppose to be called “waistline”. I’m a putz and it actually says “waissline”.It will not allow me to correct my typo.

Another point issue is in the options where you can change which point is your starting point. It does not populate the dropdown with any point you made after making the object in question. So I make a pattern and decide to add a point and change my line to start there instead. Not an option.



oops failed on the first screen shot, that is the error i get when I check for updates

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