Print Measurements in SeamlyME

Hey all… I just addressed a request feature… printing the list of measurements in SeamlyME.

I added:

-File → Print menu Ctrl+P item -Added a Print tool button

It will adjust the number of columns depending on whether an individual or multisize file is printed.




That is wonderful! Thank you very much. :star_struck:

One small, extra request… can it, perhaps, include the code, please? It will help when using this list to create another set of measurements.

Another small, extra request… can one select a specific size in a multisize and have it print the calculationed size, as well, please? This will help hugely when creating a personal chart from a specific size so that one can only edit the changes for that person.


Do you mean to print the actual XML file?

I believe the answer is - it already does. I just loaded the Gost vst and randomly selected a size and height,


Although something I did notice when print previewing the Gost file… I need to get the preview to update if you set the print settings to landscape. Would have thought that would have been an internal function of the preview dialog - guess not.

Could probably also add some better formatting / styling to the rendered preview… like alternating color to the table rows or including the cell grid?

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I think she’s meaning more like G04 on the Bust circumference line to give some indication of where the measurement is found in SeamlyMe.


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No, just the items code in SeamlyME, along with it’s code name & actual name. E.g.: H01, height, Total Height.

Ah! ok, thank you :star_struck:

No, if someone prints it, they can use a ruler. I’d probably export it as CSV & import it into a spreadsheet, hide what I don’t want, add a column for personal measurements & then print it or load it up on my phone to enter the values on there. :grin: But someone else may have other ideas.

Ahhh… the diagram codes correct?


So the question is… we want to include a new column that displays the code number? - which will automatically be included when you print a measurement file.

Easy enough to do since the associated diagram already pops up when you select a row - we know the code. Of course a custom


Oh, that will be so very amazing and helpful :star_struck: Something I’ve always wanted :grin:

So do you think putting the code # would be best in the 1 column or the 2nd between the Name and Full Name columns? Or another option - if the code # is not needed as a separate field - is to just prepend it to the Fullname text?


IMO, it should prepend the fullname, like in the diagrams. As a separate column, especially if optional.


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I don’t mind which column it’s in, but I’d like it separate so that I can sort the lines either by code or name (or any other column). I usually have my measurements in a certain order, so I give them numbers in my spreadsheet so that I can return them to the order in SeamlyME.

Here’s an example of how I do multiszie:

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Make sense. It’s a little more work, but easy enough to do. So I gather your currently manually prepending the code to the name? Which is really not necessary as the info is available, it’s just a matter of putting it in the table. Should save you time. :slight_smile:

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Done. While I was at it I added a Copy to Clipboard tool button so you can just cut and paste the selected parts of the table in a spreadsheet and avoid the export/ import csv.

I’ll make a PR as soon as my internet decides to connect again.


Oh, wow! Thank you very much :grin:

Now I just need Imperial measurements option in the multisizes, as well.

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Almost had the changes uploaded. Had a window where the internet was on, but it didn’t last long enough. :frowning:

So in the mean time I tried to figure out why the printer orientation settings would not change to Landscape in the preview. Appears there might be a Qt bug in the Preview Dialog. If your printer is currently set to Landscape it previews in landscape and if you change the settings to Portrait it re- renders in portrait, but it won’t work the other way around. :frowning:


Oh, dear! I’m so sorry. It’s not highly important, since I can convert & often do in my spreadsheet. But it would be helpful… Especially in the older books and for people who prefer to work in inches.

Well the internet cam back, so I pushed the changes to add the clipboard & measurement number.

As far as adding inches to the multi measurements would be another issue. I need more insight into the multi format. I get that the original GOST vst is based on mm, but I don’t understand why it can’t be converted to inches and ME being able to work with vst’s in inches.

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It used to be an option and then it disappeared. I don’t know why it was taken out. Or perhaps it wasn’t there but I could load a metric multisize measurement file into an imperial pattern and the measurements were converted into imperial in Seamly2D?

Checking further in the forum, it seems that it wasn’t working properly - Multisize SeamlyMe - #7 by Sewing4Fun.

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