Printing Bigger than Drafted

I am making my first electronic pattern. Its very basic - a rectangle with a separate piece which is a pointed rectangle to make a really, really simple purse. I am doing this so I can learn the software and mostly that has been working out for me (although access to an actual download manual would be really beneficial because the YouTube videos aren’t using the same version of Seamly2D so I might find what I want to do but not how to do it).

The biggest issue I have is that the pattern is not printing out the size I am designing it. My first print out was 1cm/0.5inch too small so I went in and increased the relevant part of the rectangle by a 1 cm. It printed 4 cms wider than the length I had just made it!!! I only changed the length of 2 lines. I didn’t change the way I printed it or anything else. Just those 2 lengths. So I made another pattern piece in a separate file to try and avoid the mistake. This one the lengths are printing 4cms/ 1.5inches bigger than the length stipulated in my electronic draft.

This is happening whatever paper size I use and no matter how I print it out. I can’t use the pattern Ive just drafted because its the wrong size on the paper despite being the right size in the electronic draft. Anyone got any ideas what I should do?

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Update to say that the 1inch/2.5cm square which I made in the pattern has printed out at the size it was drafted. Both the square and the pattern piece were made the same way. Both are locked before printing. So I still don’t understand why the actual pattern piece is bigger than required.


Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @Mez

Export the pattern to PDF. Then open the PDF using Acrobat Reader and select print. Make sure that the print dialogue has the Actual Size or 100% selected, and then print it again.

Just remember that the printed pattern will be the outlines after any seam allowances have been added. You can turn off the seam allowances before exporting the pattern.

As a simple test, you can make a separate test pattern which is only a 1" square, without seam allowances. Export it and print it & then measure that square.

If you have any further problems, please send me your pattern so that I can check and then tell you what needs to be done.

The Wiki is in the process of being updated. The link is at the top of the page. Once this is updated, I’ll make a downloadable PDF. In the meantime, if you keep an eye on the bottom left side of the screen, tool tips appear there once you click on a tool. They will help you in a step-by-step fashion to use the tool that you clicked on.

Thanks @Grace I found that Adobe and my printer were in cahoots and each separately overriding my diktats about printing size. I had a few colourful words and we are back on track now.