Printing pattern with wide format printer up to 60"

I make markers for apparel production and they need to be as wide as the fabric which is up to 60". I found online black/white printers for up to 48" but not 60". I switch from hand made markers to using Valentina but color printing at $4-8 per sq ft is too pricey. Anyone knows any service that can do this? thanks Alice

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Hi & welcome, @Alice Roland is the name brand for large printers/cutters that I’ve come into contact with, however, I see that HP and Epson are also making 64" printers now but they’re all very pricey and take up quite a bit of space.

I was following the wall hanging plotter progress last year which I found very interesting and should’ve made headway by now. Here’s a post on Instructables to make your own:

Thanks for the link.

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After looking at the drawings and set up, I don’t think it would be accurate enough for a large pattern.

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Yes, that is just one of the 1st hanging plotters that I saw. I have an idea that they are now being made and are much more reliable.