Printing pdf single page

Can someone let me in on the secret to get a single pattern piece that will easily fit on one page to print on a single page. No matter what settings i change it still tries to cut the piece in half and print on two pages.

Thanks (sorry if I am abrupt today… in a pissy mood :wink: )

What margin settings are you using in the layout? I haven’t tried this particular task and I am traveling with only my phone so I can’t be much help… that said… is it possible to use letter size paper or A4 if that is what you use as the paper type in the layout?

Hi @ladysinaz

If you want to print onto only 1 page, you must select the page size according to the paper your printer uses. In this screenshot, I’ve put 2 facings onto an A4 page:

And you can see in the tiled preview, they are both printing on 1 page:


The trick is to play with the margin widths until you get them to fit without going into the area of paper used to match up and join the pages after printing.

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Thank you I had all of the margins set so everything would print right but with the changes everything got reset and now nothing is lining up anymore. I’ll just have to fiddle with it for a while again.

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