Problem to transpose the hat brim in Seamly!

I have a pattern of a bucket hat that I made a long time ago and that I drew in Seamly. I have a problem tracing the brim piece using the formulas. I tried many things, I even took example on the circular skirt. But the head is not a cylinder, and the brim must not fall like the skirt. I tried Elliptical arc. I have attached the files .val and .vst.

Thanks for your help. J’ai un patron d’un bucket hat que j’ai fait il y a longtemps et que j’ai dessiné dans Seamly. J’ai un problème à tracer la pièce du rebord en utilisant les formules. J’ai essayé beaucoup de choses, j’ai même pris exemple sur la jupe circulaire. Mais la tête n’est pas un cylindre, et le rebord ne doit pas tomber comme la jupe. bucket hat.val (3,8 Ko) TETES.vst (799 Octets)

I found a Youtube video on how to draft a bucket hat by hand:

He starts with the top (crown section) of the hat and uses the ‘Slash and Spread’ method on the sides and brim that are explained in the McCunn method Bell Sleeve tutorial (Bell Sleeve pattern) to create the sides and brim.

I hope this helps :grinning:

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Merci @Grace

Avec les références que vous m’avez données, j’ai très bien réussi à dessiner la pièce et ainsi à compléter mon patron.

J’ai une autre question, est-ce qu’il est possible de rendre invisibles les valeurs de couture pour ne pas voir le trait gris?

With the references you have given me, I have been very successful in drawing the piece and so to complete my pattern.

I have another question, is it possible to make the sewing values invisible so as not to see the gray line?

Thank you and have nice day

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Sorry, I don’t understand? I think, if you post a screenshot or send me the file, please, I’ll have an idea :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, Grace,

I would like the seam allowance, but not see them.

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When you print the pattern, the seam allowance will only be a line around the article - it won’t be shaded like in the layout board.

If you don’t want seam allowances, you can turn them off, but then you won’t see the passmarks. If you want to see the passmarks, and don’t want the seam allowances, you can place a checkmark in the box “Built In”.



If you are not using passmarks, then you can leave the checkmark next to “Seam Allowance” out.

But I can’t think of any way that you can like the seam allowance but not see it :grin:

I see your hat pattern is really looking good now :grinning:

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Thank you!

I was hoping to keep seams allowances, but shadows and lines do not appear. My goal is to make a multi-size pattern to offer it to the customers of my shop.

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