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bonjour, J’ai un souci à l’ouverture de cette petite fenêtre pour les marges de couture. Elle ne s’ouvre pas complètement et je ne peux pas avoir accès à tous les objets. Comment faire ? merci pour votre aide. Je vous mets la copie d’écran.

Hello, I have a problem opening this small window for sewing margins. It does not open completely and I can not access all objects. How to do ? Thanks for your help. I put you the screenshot. seamly

Hm. I am not missing anything. This is how it looks like on my PC: Screenshot_2018-01-26_14-01-19

But, I notice that you didn’t click on the little square in front of “Marge de couture” If you want to add a seam, this is mandatory. When you have clicked it, you will probably get access to the inputfields like Largeur etc.

I can’t access those fields if the square in front of the marges de couteur is empty, too :slight_smile:

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merci mais malheureusement même avec la case margede couture les étiquettes ne sont pas visibles. hank you but unfortunately even with the box margede couture labels are not visible seamly2

french label

Is this your issue? I think It might be because in French, the bottom translation is very long. In English everything fits nicely.


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Well, would have been helpful to know that you wanted the labels :wink:

For those, you

  • open the window that you showed above
  • go on “labels” instead of “paths” (third from above)Label_1
  • go to "edit template) (the button) and edit your label
  • go to the tab “Labels”Shirt_Label_7
  • choose the label (the one you just edited with the button is the detail label)
  • put in the desired values
  • and click ok.
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Bonjour, j’ai le même problème que vous.

Est-ce que c’est possible de preciser le problem, svp? :slight_smile:

La fenêtre sur le côté n’apparaît pas entièrement.VALENTINA

Ok, so this is indeed just intended to be reported as issue? Thank you for reporting it. :slight_smile: I don’t have access to github, but hopefully one of the others can add it to the list there.

I have the same problem on obe on my computer…

Those experiencing the problem with the side panel… Please can you let me know which platform you are operating from? I’m running on Windows 10 and don’t have the same problem, so to create an issue, I’ll need to let the programmers know which platform is creating this problem.

Thank you

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I can confirm it for Seamly2D from January, 13, Ubuntustudio 16.04 if I use French as language for GUI. Not when I use German or English. So I guess it is related to the lenght of the word; it seems to be significantly longer in French.

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Would I be correct in saying that ‘passmarks’ are ‘notches’ in English and ‘Encoches’ in French?

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Yes… “passmarks” are notches… but in reality there is no such word in English called passmarks… I have mentioned that it should be notches months ago and I wonder why no one has proof read this against standard garment industry terminology and fixed it years ago?

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Yes, I did follow your post at the time and I can understand that, while the programmers are busy with important issues and upgrades that make a real difference to the program, that the term didn’t cause any major problems with the functioning of the program until now - and then, only in French.

I have added the suggestion that the French term be changed to ‘Encoches’ (which I’m hoping is correct) and added the suggestion that they change the English as well, but it remains up to the programmers whether they will change the dimensions of the holding box or change the wording.

Hee-hee, I’m just the typist :slight_smile:

I have added the issue here: Options Menu Doesn't Resize · Issue #159 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub

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