Problems with seam allowances for curves


I’m new here. I’m struggling with seam allowances for curves, Valentina version 0.4.5 for mac. When I ask for seam allowances for curves sometimes I get a straight line. Could help me to understand if I’m doing something wrong?



Yes you do. Each object in detail should follow in clockwise directions. To correctly include a curve Valentina seeks start and end points of a curve segment. You should check and correct, if need, direction of a curve. Seek special option Reverse for this. If direction is wrong you will get wrong result.

So, if you want to fix:

  1. When include a curve check its direction. Move mouse pointer to curve and you will see arrow that show direction.
  2. Use option Reverse if a direction is wrong. Click on curve name and option will become available.

Thanks!!! It works :slight_smile: