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Hi, I’m a fashion educator among other things, and I have managed to have some national fund money for Sustainability education in Fashion and textile industry pilot training. My plan is to use this program as part of our course curricula since I use it daily basis for my side business , but our IT is not happy to load program to be installed, since it requires crossing the advert e-mail consent. Is it possible to have a loading option without ad consent that for an educational institutions? @Douglas Heidi


Hello, @Louhiatar

Congratulations on your funding and we wish you every success. This type of training is very dear to all of us here.

I have downloaded and installed the original program in Feb 2017 and have never, ever received any Advert E-mails from Seamly. This is a feature that filters out the web-crawlers. However, if it’s a problem, I’m sure no one will mind if you send @slspencer a request to download directly from the link pinned at the top of this page.

Hi @Louiatar, Can you post a screenshot of the question that asks for your consent for ads?

Our download form on the website has an optional checkbox if you’d like to be notified about news from Seamly. Leave it blank if you wish.

We’ve never sent out any emails. We may need to send out ONE email very soon about funding options, asking what users would prefer. We’re opposed to bothering people unless it’s absolutely necessary.

We have no advertisers. This may change if we get a sponsor for this forum, but those ads won’t be too obnoxious, and advertisers WOULD NOT have access to user information.


You can download the latest app build directly from Github, but I think that requires setting up a Github account.

FashionFreedom/Seamly2D: Open source patternmaking software to democratize fashion. (

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You can download Seamly from github (no account required): GitHub - FashionFreedom/Seamly2D: Open source patternmaking software to democratize fashion.

or from the thread linked at the top of this forum (also no account / email required): Download latest

The download form on the web page will generate an email that points to the same download locations as linked above.


Thanks… wasn’t sure as I’m always logged in - didn’t want to log out to check.

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