Property Editor Blank for everything

The property editor is blank for everything I try to select - unless I’m missing something but it should presumably show something for lines/ points? Also presume this is the latest version as I only downloaded it 2 days ago: 2023.12.18.149 I would enclose a screen shot but no option here to do so. Any advice appreciated.

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Are you in Draft mode? The Property Editor greys out in Piece and Layout modes as it’s not used in these modes.

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After playing around in draft mode, figured it out. I had to enable the Points Toolbar before any properties would show up. Seems a bit strange but got there in the end.

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Has nothing to to do with the Points Toolbar, or any toolbar for that matter.

Here I have most of the toolbars toggled OFF - including the Points Toolbar… the Properties display just fine. Like I alluded to… if has to do with BEING in draft mode and having the Properties Editor toggled ON. The Properties Editor greys out when in PIece and Layout modes.