Proposal for a new measurement - Armscye Depth

I’ve missed having this measurement area as a Known measurement for a long time.

It is measured from the centre base of the neck at the back to the level of the armpit, indicated by thicker black arrow/lines below:


Don’t we already have that?

H21… neck_back_to_highbust_b.


Semantically (there’s that word again :slight_smile: ) armscye depth and neck_back_to_highbust_b are similar… where the latter actually defines the start and end point. Personally I prefer the rather more verbose neck_back_to_highbust_b as there are unfortunately different definitions of armscye depth - where some define the armscye depth as that of the shoulder point to (high) bust line.

That being said… I’m rather intrigued by the shoulder angle measurment. I’ve never seen that as a measurment you would actually measure.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And here, I’ve been looking for it for years… where the other armscyes are.