Puffed sleeves

Hi everyone. Has anybody already tried to create a puffed sleeves from a basic sleeve block on Seamly2D. I am struggling with construction…Thanks! IMG_20180319_100117|860x645

Hi @helenetijou,

Your image isn’t showing, but here is the link to a discussion about bell and cape sleeves that may help:


thank you very much @Grace . Very helpfull as always. Do you have the same for raglan sleeves?:wink:

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No, I’m also still learning pattern making and haven’t really reached that stage yet :disappointed_relieved:

But I seem to recall the subject being discussed in the past:

Actually, I think I worked through a tutorial that included quite an easy way of doing raglans. I’ll turn myself upside down in the archives & try & find it and no, I can’t find it now :disappointed_relieved:

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