QPainterPath::arcTo:Adding arc where a parameter is NaN, results are undefined

I’m receiving the subject error whenever I click Piece and then my system crashes. I cannot modify the pattern piece I tried to make since now it has “children.” So my whole patter, which has taken 12 hours of my time making, is no longer accessible, my file constantly aborts the program, and I’ve lost all my work.

Is there a solution or should I graduate to a more reliable product?

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If you post your pattern and any measurment file one of us can take a look at it… and we can most likely fix most if not all of it.

Also it would be helpful to know what the build date of the app is you are using.


It would be useful (at least for me) to know what happens if you import the pattern into my-pattern.cloud and then export it again. This should remove any broken bits. If it doesn’t load, I will be able to look at the logs and perhaps see in what way it has become corrupted.