Redesign Seam allowance tool

Okay lady and gentlemen, :slight_smile:

I will post in new feature branch my progress. All who want can try and say what they think. I hope such openness will help make redesign we all really need.

First push i will make only when will have something to test. Of course this will be pre alpha state. But we will quickly change it.

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First code published. It is only beginning.

So far, so good.

Because of complexity such a redesign i have decided to create parallel classes that will replace in future current. So meet newcomers: VPiece, VPieceNode, VAbstractPiece and DialogSeamAllowance.

I will do changes step by step, so all interested will have chance to collaborate.

I began with a dialog and managed to implement issue #406. New feature: Seam allowance tool → Preview.

Short list of changes:

  • Piece preview.
  • Shift change direction of curve.
  • All object in the list can be moved.
  • Context menu delete and reverse (for curves)

Apply button and delete disabled and will be available only after creating a piece. Not supported now.

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I’ve only peeked at your video, but great improvement, switching directions of a curve is a big essential!

I’m looking forward to play around with 0.5.0 and all the new features!

Thanks for the great work! corinna

Thank you for your feedback. It is only beginning.:slight_smile: Soon better seam allowance.


Perfect! Previewing the seamline during creation is precisely what is needed.

Yes, I love this evolution, too! Kudos!

I made some progress with a seam allowance. Will show as soon as fix all bugs.

Finally! I made some progress. The code was published earlier.

I made two stages of seam allowance:

  • Base seam allowance when you set only global width.
  • Local seam allowance.

Little bit more about the local seam allowance. It allows rewrite global seam allowance value and control value before point and after point. If you want control a curve you need to select a segment. This is similar to what we had before. Select start point and end point of a curve segment and seam allowance for curve will be calculated accordingly. Values can be different too.

These changes cover three issues: #535, #451, #88.

Here is how look a piece now:

Left two stages to complete a seam allowance (an angle type and manual seam allowance) and i will go to internal paths.

Known issue. Import from old pattern format still doesn’t work.

Leave your comments and questions.:slight_smile:

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Is this version available in MAC? I just compiled the latest, but I cannot find these features.

It is probably because you forgot about our branch model.

According to this all these changes live in separate feature branch until i will decide they are stable enough. So you should update to feature branch and build it.

Yes. I know the structure and I’m mainly using develop-branch. The feature branch is merged with develop as in your picture shows and I assumed the features to be available in develop.

I compiled the feature. The seam tools looks good and useful. Thanks, Some quick issues I found

  1. The Detail remains in Group list after the detail is deleted in Details mode
  2. The Seam allowance cannot be entered when creating the detail. It must be edited in detail mode.
  3. Points cannot be deleted in the Dialog list
  4. The Seam allowance not correct in the example ( the 2 simple curves are CCW )

No the picture shows develop was merged with feature.:slight_smile:

Not a bug, feature. When you create a piece a user should concentrate only on main path, nothing more.

Can’t repeat. Use context menu.

Send me the file, please.

Sent by mail. It cannot be pasted in to the Forum.

I made a patch, thanks @Stinde.

Errors are corrected. Thanks

New. I have sent the file in email

Okay, i’ll check.:+1:

Check, i made a patch.

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It works OK now. Great.


@rsskga, i am curious, do you watch my changes?:smirk_cat: