Regarding autosave function after sudden crash

Hi, I’m a newbie to Seamly2D and I am happy to use it.

I realize the very crucial weak point of Seamly2D. When I draft a simple pattern (A-line skirt with 2 darts), I faced two abnormal terminations (crash) of Seamly2D.

I was quite panic, but I tried to reopen the VAL file to see my latest pattern blocks. It seemed like there was autosaved file in Finder(I’m a Catalina user and of Seamly2D). So I tried to open the VAL file but I couldn’t see my latest pattern block. Nearly 50% has gone. Gosh!

I’m trying to SAVE it on a manual basis as long as I don’t forget it but it’s really inconvenient for pattern drafters to do it by themselves.

Is there any possible solution to restore my latest pattern blocks when there was an abnormal crash?

Thanks in advance and I really appreciate the efforts of the Seamly2D community. I am happy to be part of yours.


Nick from Seoul, Korea

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Hello, @heroyik and welcome to Seamly2D forum.

Normally, you can set the autosave to save at intervals that suit you. You can set the intervals at File > Application Preference > Configuration. I’ve set mine to autosave every minute:


If you can upload both the pattern that crashed and the measurement file on here, I can have a look at it and see if I can recover it for you.

If you can recall what you were doing when the pattern crashed, it will help our program developers to recreate the crash and perhaps prevent it from happening again to other users.

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Just in case someone reads this… I believe I have discovered a bug - if not 2 or 3 - in the existing autosave feature… which could explain the differing reports on being or not being able to recover after a crash.

Let me Explain… in the autosave update I’ve been working on I’ve run into a intermittent issue of saving files to restore in the settings when multiple patterns are open… there seems to be a sync issue between the processes and the settings file, where one pattern may overwrite the settings instead of merging the settings, so some files that were open (with changes) are not restored in the event of a crash. I was trying to test if this exists in the current version or something I added in the update… In that process I was trying to purposely crash the app with a pattern open. There should be a .val.autosave file created, but it wasn’t. So I checked the settings as in the above pic - box was checked and interval was 1 min - so why is there no autosave file? First bug - that I previously discovered - the interval can’t be set as it’s always 1 min. Bug 2… simply changing the interval to 2 - even though it reverted back to 1 - triggered the autosave file. Bug 3 could be the sync() issue.

In other words… this could explain the erratic behavior of the autosave where sometimes it works, sometimes not. Could be that a user never twiddled with the interval. Could be a timing issue, where a crash happens before the settings calls the (delayed) sync().

That being said all this will be a moot point once I finish the AVB autosave update.

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