Render 3d pattern

New here, and probably wrong since the name suggest only 2d support.

But maybe someone knows how 3d images like the one shown below can be created?


Hi jguddas, you’re right. Seamly2D is all about 2d pattern. Unfortunately I don’t know any 3D application to create 3D garments. But you example looks like a hand drawn graphic. Maybe you could try something similar with


Right. At this time Seamly only offers 2D support, but I know people have had some success exporting the pieces as [it was either svg or dxf, I don’t have the experience to know the difference,] & porting it into Blender.

I also know that Seamly3D is a hoped for addition to the Seamly pattern development environment, but no 3D developer needing a project for their portfolio has shown up to create it – let alone pro bono.


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Thing is programming the 3D takes a certain skill set… beyond my abilites right now.


Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @jguddas.

Are you creating image, that you wish to rotate, to use in a tutorial/instructional? You can make 3D images like this one on Blender, which is also an open source software which is designed to make various type of engineering designs and diagrams. There are many videos on how to use Blender, as well.

Are you making clothing for avitars? If you’re making clothing for avitars, then you can create a flat pattern in Seamly and fit it onto an avitar in MakeHuman. There is a tutorial on Instructables on how to do this.

Not doing any garments, have only been doing bags and the like lately @Grace.

@JCDesign, you are probably right that it is a custom SVG.

I also made a custom SVG, pretty fun but not really all that generalizable for most patterns.



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I used browzwear while i was in school. you could import patterns and then stitch the pieces together and it would drape it on a body with dimensions you entered.

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