Repeat Not Responding on Win 10

I am using a relatively good laptop and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Seamly2D, but every time I open the program after making a few clicks to make a new pattern the program lags and then stops responding completely. I then close and reopen and it does the same thing. It is completely unusable. What can I do to correct this?

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Is it possible for you to determine the build version / build date from the help menu?

Also is this happening just creating a new pattern or loading an existing pattern?

I build and run on a windows 10 laptop almost everyday and don’t have any issues as described. So we’ll need to try an determine why the app doesn’t run on your laptop.

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It’s Seamly 2D I actually did a complete refresh of Windows on my computer as well. I started with a fresh pattern and also redid the measurements in SeamlyMe. I removed all previous versions of C++ visual and reinstalled the version that loads with Seamly2D. The repeat not responding only seems to happen when I go into add details and go into add a new pattern piece. I’ll have selected a few points and then it will go into not responding.

My computer is an HP Pavilion gaming laptop. It has a Ryzen 5 3550H (2.10 GHz) with 16GB of RAM.

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Not sure what you mean by “repeat”?

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Although the grammar of the phrases in which @duarne uses “repeat” would seem to indicate that they are speaking of hitting the L key to re-use a tool, I believe that they are saying that the bug occurs repeatedly, -it wasn’t a one time thing, but is fairly consistent.

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That would appear incorrect as the latest build is only

I have an HP laptop with similar specs running windows 10… so I would think there shouldn’t be a problem there.

You didn’t mention the build date of the installation or it’s a 32 or 64 bit build? I’m thinking if I can install whichever build you’ve got on my laptop I may get some idea. I’m also thinking that if it’s a 64 bit build issue, I could have you try installing a current 32bit build from my fork… the weekly builds from the main repo are only 64bit now.

Is it possible for you to send a screen capture of what you’re doing when the app stops responding?

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I’m just trying to get a picture where or what may be causing an issue.


I have exactly the same problem. Have you solved it? (Excuse my english :grimacing:) Iam frustated and disappointet. Help please!

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Hello & welcome, @Valecoser

Do you also have a gaming computer? If so, it could have something to do with the graphics card. I know that I had a similar problem on mine but with various programs that weren’t game related. Fortunately, it was stolen & I now have a normal 64bit Lenovo and have no problems on Windows 10.

File under “words you’ve never heard before” . Lol

Anyhow… the OP had the issue on an HP laptop with similar specs to my HP laptop… so I’m not sure why there’s an issue with the apps and Windows 10? Albeit, I’m compiling 32bit with the GCC complier and not 64bit with MSVC like the recent weekly releases are.

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