Request for new measurement point in Tape

Sorry, I’ve searched everywhere for this point. At the moment, I’m using the H05 - Neck side to waist item but it’s not right.

I’m busy studying the Aldrich Women’s method of creating patterns and it calls for a shoulder front to waist measurement.

The description is: Front shoulder to waist - Measure from the center of the front shoulder over the bust point to waist.

Can anyone point me to it if it exists, please?

Nope… I don’t see it either. In fact the only two shoulder_center measurements I see are to the high bust front & back.

Also missing in regards to the shoulder center would be the girth measurement which would be shoulder_center_f to shoulder_center_b through the crotch. Necessary if making jumpsuits - like Elvis, leotards or one piece swimsuits.


How do we request that it be added? I can’t find the Issues, either :frowning:

the procedure for requesting a new measurement is (or was) on the wiki. I may not have time to check the forum for the next couple of days, but if I come back and have no indication that you have found the procedure, I will look it up. you might try using search in the repository at github on the words add new measurement. If that returns nothing, you might try the search on bitbucket. I hope that what I am remembering is not something I once read on “old wiki”

This is why I suggest a new measurement system where (just like in LF) the user can place points and define paths between them. In this case, you would use the ‘Midpoint between two points’ tool on the path from ‘neckBaseSide’ to ‘shoulderTip’ to define the ‘mid-shoulder’ point, use the ‘Perpendicular point along line’ using the bust point and waist line to define a point on the waist line directly below the bust, then create a path from the newly created mid-shoulder point to ‘bustTip’ to the newly created point on the waist line. (It would probably take less time to do it than it did to type it in.)

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Thanks, @kmf. That’s super :slight_smile:

I think the measurement you mean is G45 body_torso_circ. image

Short name: shoulder to waist front

Long name (human readable): Front shoulder to waist through bust point

Description of how to take the measurement: Measure from the center of the front shoulder over the bust point to waist.

Aldrich Name: Front shoulder to waist

Category I think it should be included into: H - Vertical


Aldrich - shoulder to waist front

Thank you

Why so complicated? Just ad your own measurement in the tape application, define it, and work work with them like with the others…

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This is a two-part measurement, combining bustpoint_to_shoulder_center and bustpoint_to_waist (J10 + J04) If a measurement involves the bustpoint, it will be in the J group.

(Wow, I uploaded this .png & now both .svg files appear. Gremlins, indeed.) bustpoint_to_shoulder_center

bustpoint_to_shoulder_center, J10: bustpoint_to_shoulder_center

bustpoint_to_waist, J04: bustpoint_to_waist

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Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:

I think a template properly implemented should allow you to use the term girth or any other term defined in that particular pattern system to map to the known measurement.

@Douglas, that is why I asked you earlier about a written reference for the use of the term girth. I am working on the issue of how to implement templates (and am willing to accept any help or input). Currently as far as I see there is no effect in selecting any pattern system in the preferences.

Here is a current list of the known pattern systems

If one of those does not contain the specific measurements that you need then there are at least two ways to fix it:

  1. add a patternsystem to the list
  2. add the ability to create one’s own patternsystem

Personally, I prefer #2 and I believe that instructions and examples need to be provided for creating a new template to define the patternsystem.

@slspencer talked with me about this at length and I have been unable to find any example to prove her wrong. I will try to summarize what she said about measurements and invite her to correct me if I am wrong.

The list of terms used by people to describe body points or measurements between body points is a huge or infinite list. After the study of many pattern making systems, she created the “known measurement” list used in valentina. Templates should be used to present the known terms to a user while there is a finite list of known measurements recognized internally.

Please read the information on the wiki starting at

Please pay particular attention to the [ Body Points Diagram]

If you need a measurement that can’t be expressed as a known measurement, or a formula based on known measurements, please request that one be added.

Yup… that be it.

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