Request: Import/copy-paste

I have made a bodice base pattern, and a pant base pattern which are each saved as a an individual file. is it possible for me to import or copy-paste 1 into the other in order to super-impose them. this would be very useful to make a very high waisted trousers or a jumpsuit for example.

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Hi, again :grinning:

No, unfortunately, this isn’t possible at this point. It would be best to create all your base patterns in one file, then you can use the ‘Move’ tool to super-impose them.


This is a pity as you do not always know from the start how you want to use the patterns in the future. Of course, I see one problem that several points may have the same name, or associated number in the .val file.

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Yes, that is it exactly. However… I have a bit of a work-around in that I’ve created my basic pattern with bodice, sleeves, various collar types, skirt, trousers.

When I decide to create a new pattern, I open my basic, save it under a new name and start changing things or drawing new things onto the existing pattern. The groups help tremendously because I can hide things that I’m not working on.

This way, most of my pattern pieces are already created in the Detail board and change automatically. I only have to edit them and add any new pieces I create.

Then I can close the eye of any pieces I don’t need in the Detail board and create a pattern in Layout of only the bits that I require.

You see, I’m really very lazy :slight_smile:


This is also what I do. I have all of my “blocks” each in their own file and when I am creating a new design I just open one up and save it under the name of my new design and away I go. But I agree being able to grab a piece from one pattern and put it into another would be super helpful. Now that I see how it does it in the back end I understand why that is not possible.

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** for the programmers

I had a thought about this topic out of the blue and totally do not have it nailed down, but am i onto something here or just losing my mind

copy/paste pattern piece

Use variables for the point designation


letters are assigned numbers

New pattern piece create or paste %PP% = 0

On creation of first pattern piece if %PP% < 1 %PP% = 1 (which actually means A)

On creation of subsequent pieces if %PP% => 1 then %PP%=%PP%+1

In order to copy it would have to be a group

wouldn’t work if people designed a pattern piece using elements of another piece in the file Wouldn’t work if not ALL elements are in the group

Haven’t nailed down those two yet


the idea has promise. Do you see this primarily useful to copy something and then modify it to create something new? I must confess I have already done this the sledge hammer way - by hacking the XML of a pattern file using a text editor

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@ladysinaz Super idea, makes it simple.

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The useful part from my perspective would be for people who dont have the knowledge to hack the code. Having to rebuild pattern components from scratch every time is a PITA :wink: So is having groups upon groups to hide stuff so the pattern isnt so busy. I like the idea of being able to copy a part of a pattern piece into another pattern piece within the same file as well but I’m not sure how to solve that one. I would have to spend time thinking about it I haven’t had programmer brain turned on for a long time lol


Having people hack the pattern code to get their job done is not acceptable. We definitely want to provide a way to move information from one pattern to another.

The origin point, end point, and control points of each selected point must be included to copy/paste a new pattern piece within the same pattern or even a new pattern, even if these additional points aren’t the points you directly need for the new pattern piece. Maybe there can be a check to automatically include these “parent” points of the selected points and objects.


I was thinking something alone those lines, it will just be a lot of error trapping code. It’s doable I think, just be time consuming and tedious to code,


@ladysinaz It’s normal for a script which does a particular transformation on irregular data to be a brute force, non elegant process. Not a problem :wink:


I think If a person is using a same base construction, then there will be certain basic points available, such as the center front and neckline meeting point for example If one could assign a reference point during the copy then one can make sure to select a point which exists in the file one is copying from and the one we want to paste it into too.

I’m still a novice, so pardon me if the idea doesn’t work.


@Karu So your suggestion is to create a naming convention for certain basic points?

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I guess so. but just to be sure i’ll explain my idea again

I’m thinking a little like when you rotate a set of points, you need to select which point is at the center of your rotation. Taking that idea I should be able to select , lets say armhole on dress1, which i would like to use on top3.

As you explained earlier each line or point has a starting point and an end point. while making a copy the software would read the point being copied as x,y coordinated from a point of ones choice, which could be a point on or outside the line. It could possibly be the external point of the shoulder. or a reference point on the center front of the garment maybe, which is a point that is constructed on both dress1 and top3. Maybe a little like when you want to link different cells in different excel sheets maybe?

Does this give you a clearer picture of what i am having in mind?

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a different way would be to be able to export a selection as a group, with 1 of the points designated start point , let’s say H. all other points will then issue from the new designated point H rather than from the original start point A of the pattern. all points in the exported file could then have a new naming such as Hexph1, Hexpb3 and so forth ( similar to a rotation of a symmetry’s naming convention, here H is the origin point, exp for export, followed by the point name h1, b3…

and then import that into another pattern keeping in mind that it can only be imported if the designated start point H is superimposed with an existing point named H, or for more flexibility, a point with any name, so long as the file doesn’t have a point named H

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The formulas will need to be either converted into flat numbers or will have to be able to reference the pattern being copied from. I think this will be very difficult because if the original pattern gets deleted, the new pattern will be gunked. And if the formulas are flattened into numbers, it will take away half of the charm of Seamly2D being able to resize easily. And if the formulas are brought across with the pattern section, who’s to say they will make sense in the new pattern, anyway?

It would be a very nice feature, but I think, as a student of pattern making, that it is better to have a basic bodice, with skirt, sleeves, etc. made as a starting point, that one can copy and change into the various designs and sizes that one wishes to.

I’d rather have the programmers working on the 3D feature :smiley::smiley::smiley:

of course i don’t understand the work that goes behind developing such a feature, so i do understand that my idea might only work in theory, and is not quite feasible in reality.

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I don’t know anything about developing programs, either, and I’m not saying that your idea isn’t feasible. In fact, it does bare further thought and discussion until we can come up with a way that will cover all the bases. Your line of thought is definitely a push to figure out how it all can be incorporated.

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Thinking about using the control points. Couldn’t we steal code from another part as part of the program error checking. For example clearly when trying to delete a point it knows that other points rely on it. So that same idea could he used to say “you can’t copy this point without grabbing this point and that point too” But worded better haha.