Resizing the patterns


How can I resize the patterns? If I want to upload a new measurement to the file. should it be a different measurement chart? is there any video tutorial I can watch to learn grading or resizing on Seamly?


There’s 2 different way to have patterns resize. Using individual (.smis) or multisize (.smms) files. The easier of the 2 is using individual measurement files. As the name implies individual files are an individual’s measurements… based on the measurements required for the drafting system you are using. So the idea is you create say a measurement file for Mary, then one for Jane. You can then draft your pattern using Mary’s measurement file… then at any time load Jane’s measurement file, and the pattern automatically resizes. This is possible, because you use measurement variables in the formulas instead of specific values. This way when you load a measurement file, it replaces the measurement variables with the values from the individual’s file… and the formulas calulate the values the pattern then uses.

The multisize way is a more standard grading method, where you’re resizing to a set of sizes, rather than custom measurements. It also is currently limited to using metric sizing.

That being said… if you have a current release there should be some sample patterns included. Also if you click the Wiki button above (or below if on a mobile device) … there’s a section that lists a bunch of videos out there. Some may be outdated, but the measurements concept is the same.