Rotate finished pattern piece

Is there a way to rotate a finished pattern piece (by any amount) before printing/exporting? It happens sometimes that there is empty space I could fill by rotating a piece. I have read ‘Tool in pattern to rotate’ topic and although this is not quite the same my guess at this time would be ‘no, you can not rotate a finished pattern piece.’ Am I right or can it be done?


First we need to distinguish between exporting a layout created in layout mode, and exporting from Piece mode. In Layout mode the layout is created automatically with a layout algorithm for which you have no control over piece orientation other than restricting whether a piece can be flipped. A layout is strictly for printing and not meant as a marker or cut layout.

In Piece mode… no. Currently there is no way to rotate pieces. I will be working on eliminating the Layout mode entirely where the Piece mode will be used to create a marker / print layout either manually or automatically. Being able to copy, flip, tilt, and rotate pieces will eventually be part of that.