Rotate Tool to Close Dart and replace with Princess Seam

I couldn’t find how to do this on the forum, but thankfully I was able to figure it out - so I made a quick video of it right away and am sharing it with in case other newbies like me are having trouble figuring it out.


Thank you so much @KatieDKeith!

This has been added to the Wiki!

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Thank you so much! @KatieDKeith I’m working on a coat and I just needed this “trick” to close the shoulder dart and find the definitive flank. For another piece of pattern I did this by hand changing every corner to get right angles it took an eternity :heart::heart:

I’m confused by the “I can’t move this anymore”… you mean with a MAC you can’t move the dialog box out of the way?

I just meant that I couldn’t move the pop-up box so I could see what the points were behind it - that’s all