Seam allowance don't work well in Valentina

Hi, I don’t know why the seam allowance looks so at the hem of the sleeve.

seam allowance


Hello and welcome, @Iudita.

Please check these settings in the seam allowance:


If that doesn’t correct it, please send me the pattern (.val) and the measurements (.vit/vst) files so that I can have a look for you.

Hi, I tried but doesn’t work.

Here are files. Model A1 - T‬ipar 38.val (45.8 KB) Model A1 - Masuri 38.vit (1.1 KB)


Valentina files. I edited them to be Seamly files, & I think the problem persists, I don’t have time to look at them at the moment, but here are the files so someone else doesn’t have to figure out how to alter them (or can tell me that I did it wrong :smiley: : Model A1 - T_ipar 38.val (43.2 KB) Model A1 - Masuri 38.vit (1.1 KB)


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It is unfortunate but I don’t believe that we can support Valentina questions anymore, the differences are too great :cry:

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Assuming that I understand the question, try using the “right angle” options that @Grace pictured. Both of them passed the glance-test for me in Seamly. If that isn’t successful, we’d love for you to switch to Seamly so that we can effectively help you! :grin: I don’t think you made use of any of the Valentina-only features anyway.

Best of luck any way! :unicorn:

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Hi again.

Select the node that you want to change, in this case A21, and then select the By first edge right angle:


Click on Apply to check if it’s giving the result that you want. If not, then select one of the other options. When you’re happy, then click on Ok.

I hope this help you :slight_smile:

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I tried all the Angle and don’t work well.

I didn’t know that here is no Valentina forum. Is there somebody who knows where is?

And where is Seamly soft? And if I switch I have to recreate all my patterns?

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I did that picture in Valentina. You have to select the node first on the pattern piece and then select the type of angle you would like.

I know there was a forum but I see it has since disappeared.

You can download the program here:

And yes, you will either have to have someone to help you to change them to work in Seamly2D or recreate them.

Model A1 - T_ipar 38.val (42.4 KB) I hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:


Not only has the Valentina forums gone away, the repository was moved from Hg format on bitbucket to Git format on GitLab. There is a blog, but but not updated very often.

If the pattern was v0.6.0 or before no change is necessary. After that all bets are off… Valentina is up to v0.8.7 , and the further you get away from .0.6.0 the harder it may be to delete Valentina specific tools from a pattern file.

Also I have not paid that close attention, but there may be cases where a “newer” tool may have been used and having dependent older tools… where it may just be easier to just redo the pattern rather than hacking the pattern file.