Seam allowance issue

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make my first pattern, but I can’t figure out what’s going wrong with the seam allowance. So far, I’ve got a front and a back bodice piece.

I figured out how to add seam allowance. With the back piece, everything works fine and the SA shows up as a dotted extra space outside of the back bodice.

With the front bodice, on the other hand, it doesn’t work. When I add the seam allowance, my whole bodice turns into a dotted area, and nothing is added on the outside. What am I doing wrong here?

Hope anyone can help me! Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome to Seamly2D forum, @Cindy

I think that you have some points switched around while selecting them. The points and curves need to be selected in a clockwise direction. If you post an image of the nodes, I may be able to help you to identify which ones are incorrect. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Grace for helping me on this.

With nodes, do you mean this?

Schermafbeelding 2021-05-27 om 17.58.13

Sorry if I misunderstand it, still trying to figure it out and English is not my main language :slight_smile:

I’ve read about the clockwise direction, so I think I did that, but maybe I made a mistake? For the front, I selected (in this order) MIPVM - A13 - A45 - A49 - A22 - A34 - A36 - A44 - A40. Hope this make sense. If I need to show you something else please let me know.

Thank again!


@Grace , I already figured it out! I tried again to select my pattern piece and this time the seam allowance does work out! (I already re-did it a few hours ago without succes, so I don’t know what made the difference in the end).

Thanks anyway for helping me!


:slight_smile: You’re very welcome. It’s probably just 2 nodes that where selected in the wrong order.

What I meant by “post an image of the nodes” a screenshot something like this:


Anyway, very well done!


I think this is an issue every user goes through, until they wrap their head around the way the order and direction of the nodes / curves operates.

That being said… I think programming the app to avoid all occurrences of strange seam allowance behavior is probably beyond our ability… or at least my ability. This is a prefect case of where the human brain is infinitely more intelligent than any computer will ever be, as we can instantly identify there is something wrong with the way a seam allowance looks, and the app can’t. How do you train the app to recognize an infinite number of patterns to know whether the seam allowance looks correct?