Seam allowance not placed correctly

Hello, As you can see in the image, the seam allowance is not placed correctly at point A34. Am I doing something wrong?

I am using this version

Please, post your file.

Rok_Desert-Woman.val (42,9 KB) Linda_Estelle_maat_40.vit (2,0 KB)

I have opened an issue

I have released a fix. But as you can see you have the same point twice in your list. Just remove one of them and this will fix the seam allowance.


Thank you very much.

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Hi all, I have the same problem. I checked my Main path list and believe I do not have any duplicates. Do I have to download version to get the released fix? Thank you.

Show us your file publicly or privately.

I confirm your bug report.

The fix has been released. You can wait new test build on Monday or use the advise i gave you.

Thank you so much for your kind attention and solving the problem! I tried the solution as you advised and it worked! However, I will wait until the new test build- I think I prefer, in this case, the shape of the pattern the first time. :relaxed:

After able to ‘play’ a little bit more with your suggestion, I actually got a better shape for my pattern than the first time!

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