Seamly 2d closes every time I try to save a project (Ubuntu 20.04)

I just downloaded the most recent version of the App Image. While it does run, the program shuts down every time I try to save a pattern. Additionally, it does not seem to save anything as I can’t find any files in the directory.

I have run into the same problem with SeamlyMe. Everytime, I try to save individual measurements, it closes but does not save measurements.

Any help with troubleshooting is appreciated.

Is it spawning the window where you select where to save the pattern and give it a file name or is it closing before the window even comes up?

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So it opens the window but upon clicking ‘save’, the program closes.

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I’m also having this problem (I just downloaded the software for the first time) but I discovered that if I go back to the Valentina download link & download that software instead, everything looks identical except I don’t have this issue with the saving.

Is seamly supposed an updated version of Valentina or is it actually exactly the same?


Seamly2D and Valentina are 2 different forks. Since forking a few years ago, the pattern files are no longer compatible… and if you look closely everything is not identical.

As far as is Seamly an updated version? I’ll let you decide…

That being said, We’ve been updating the workflow of Seamly to use more current versions of Qt & Ubuntu, and as such are working through some build issues.

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Thanks, I’ll try this

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Any idea how to fix this crashing issue for seamly?

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Hello, @razorwheel

Which OS system do you have? and which version of Seamly2D did you download?

You can download the latest test release here: Release v2022-01-24.0218 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub

Perhaps the issue has been corrected.