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Hello Is it possible to import measurements from Seamly Me and then use Seamly2D to adjust the pattern?

Do the patterns adjust based on the measurement points you determine in Me? Or can you determine the adjustment points in 2D?

Can you factor in the fabric behaviours as part of the pattern adjustment?

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@Douglas - just tagging you as you seem to be the guru of all things Seamly! If its possible to have a private chat with you i would love that!

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Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @annieo

When you start a new pattern, normally, you would load a measurement file, created in SeamlyME, into Seamly2d. These measurements are available to you while you draft your pattern. At any point, you can load a different set of measurements into your pattern and the pattern will resize to the newly added measurement file, if you have used the same measurement areas in both measurement files and in drafting the pattern. So yes, the patterns will adjust based on the measurement points determined in SeamlyME.

Normally different fabric behaviours require different wearing ease, which you will determine according to your design, and use while you are drafting. I normally create Variables in the Variables Table for the ease at different measurement areas which will be available while you are drafting your pattern. Later, if you decide to use a different type of fabric, you can just edit the ease in the Variables and the pattern will automatically adjust accordingly.

I hope that this answers your questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any further help.

:blush: I don’t know if I’d go as as far as guru of all things Seamly… @Grace and some others are pretty good at actually using the Applications. I’m just good at knowing what’s going on under the hood code wise. :slight_smile:

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Just to add to what @Grace said… the measurment variables you set up in a measurment file are available to use in the formulas - usually by clicking the Fx button that brings up the Formula Editor.

For example if you have an ME file with these measurments:


and you wanted to draw a line with a length of the neck_front_to_waist_f measurement…


Click the Fx button… the Formula Editor pops up, where you can then select the neck_front_to_waist_f from the list…

Screenshot 2024-03-17 034414

and when you click OK it updates the Length formula to thevariable :neck_front_to_waist_f .


Now instead of drawing the line 3.63526 in long… it draws it at what ever the currently loaded ME file’s value for neck_front_to_waist_f is. If you want 1/2 the length of neck_front_to_waist_f your formula becomes neck_front_to_waist_f / 2 which the math parser will evaulate the formula to 9in.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 040150

Change the ME file used, and the length changes accordingly. This is how the application can resize patterns to a person’s measurments.

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Thank you so much @Grace!!

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