Seamly2D + new Apple processor

Hello dear Seamly people,

Does seamly2D work on MacBooks outfitted with the new M1 processor? I haven’t found anything pointing to this specific issue in the forum, so it might me a non-issue, but on the other hand: maybe no one has tried so far? Are there any experiences? Thanks for any pointers.


Hello! i was wondering the same thing! Is there any news about this?


Hello & welcome to the Seamly2D forum, @JMdeCarton

I’m currently on Windows 10 and have never worked on a Mac-anything. However, this topic is with regard to Mac: Unable to add details after creating main path - #4, perhaps it will help you.

Other than that, perhaps @slspencer will know more and will see your question.

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Hello @JMdeCarton, and hi @Grace

Sorry for never posting an update on this thread! Since there was no reply, I considered it it a non-issue and then quite frankly forgot… So here’s my news, maybe it helps you your decision on which computer to get:

I did jump in at the deep end and got a Macbook Air with an Apple M1 and OS Big Sur 11.5.2 for rent, and Seamly2D has been running fine on it. From Seamly’s app info I gather that it needs Rosetta to run, but as with many other apps built for Mac computers with Intel processor, this works seamlessly (ha!).

The app crashes here and there, but to be honest I wouldn’t be able to tell whether that’s more, less, or about the same amount than on my old machine (Macbook with Intel chip). There’s usually an autosave file, so that helps with the headache.

TL;DR If you’re doubtful about a Macbook with M1 chip because of potentially losing Seamly2D, don’t be, go get it. This at least goes for the M1 2020 chips, pretty sure the newer chips also work.


To be honest… it crashes on Windows too, and I assume Linux as well. In fact as I keep testing improving features I keep discovering more bugs… like I just did tonight - if you close a pattern, the clise menu item is still enabled? Which sometimes repeated clicking causes a crash. Hopefully we’ll get to a more stable state in the near future as I try an squash more bugs. Wish I had a Mac so I could focus some more attention on issues on that OS.


Oh, I was by no means complaining, sorry if it came across like that! I’m never sure if I can be of help with specific MAC-related feedback, because I’d like to support, but I have the feeling that issues I run into are usually pretty well documented, ticketed, or solved anyway. If it helps, I can try to post a thing or two once in a while? oh god, already dreading double posting as I type…

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It’s ok… I didn’t take it as complaining. :slight_smile: I was just pointing out that there are still bugs / issues regardless of the OS. I just wish there was more I could do to help deal with any Mac specific issues. Sadly the Mac OS doesn’t seem to get as much attention from Qt as it ought to.

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