Seamly2D now available for Linux on Flathub

To allow easy install and usage, Seamly2D is now available on flathub: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

This means, that Linux distributions like Linux Mint or Fedora, who use Flathub by default, offer Seamly2D now as part of their Software Center / Catalog for installation.

Looking forward to your feedback if you are using linux.


I see that the list of Flatpak supported distros includes Ubuntu & ChromeOS, though they require installing the repository service.


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Yes, Ubuntu and other like described in the setup you linked also support flatpak/flathub, just needs to be set up once while other distros already ship it fully set up in the default install. I use it also with Xubuntu and it works fine :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to create a script that would do some of the setup? Specifically the windows installation creates a tree structure of directories including ~/seamly2d/templates ~/seamly2d/patterns ~/seamly2d/layouts ~/seamly2d/measurements ~seamly2d/label templates

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Is it possible to build a separate executable package for SeamlyMe so that it could be installed as a stand alone and therefore executed by a user who is not running Seamly2D at the time

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Regarding setup script: I have not seen this possible from other flatpak packaged apps, but I will check again

Regarding SeamlyMe: Yes, I know this is currently a limitation, will check again how to fix that without rebuilding everying again just for seamlyme.


Hi @csett86,
Thank you !!! This is so totally fantastic, thanks for creating the Flat pack for Seamly. Let me know how I can contribute back to you and your favorite projects.
Best, Sue


@AnnaFields With todays version on flathub you can now also run SeamlyMe directly without running Seamly2D:



That is wonderful news. Thank you.

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