Seamly2D test build for Windows! 🚀

We did it!!!🚀🍾🥂

Here is a Seamly2D 6.0 test build for Windows. Please test before we post on website. Not an easy undertaking, so everyone with Windows test this before we make the “real” test build and release it on our website.


  • It does NOT have fixes or bugs of the other fork since September.
  • You need admin rights to install. This will be fixed in a few days, ‘unrecognized publisher’ will change to ‘Seamly, LLC’.

Great! :hugs::clap::champagne::hearts: So, we on Ubuntu will get a nice (pre-)christmas-present? :wink:

@moniaqua - we’re working on it!

Oh, wow!!! Congratulations. I’ll spend the day testing it :grin:

Thank you very, very much

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Woo hoo!

Off the top… I assume we want bugs reported first on the forums… then if it’s deemed as real bug to open an issue on Github?

Slight problem / confusion - that always existed - is there is a Help -> menu item to “report bugs” that takes one to Github issues, but then says to return to the forums if it hasn’t been discussed and finalized.

  1. One would not “returning” to the forums - they came from the program.
  2. You’re forcing users to join the forums to report bugs.

Is there a convenient way to bypass Github and the forums log in to be able to post a bug report to a “Bugs” only category?


On Github, when you create an issue you see the message to join the forum first and discuss the issue with the community. If you’ve already done that, then you can create an issue.

Always, openly discuss with community first. This avoids mistakes. For projects like Inkscape Embroidery there’s not enough community to warrant a forum, so all discussion is welcome on the developer’s issues list. There are not that many users compared to our project. Imagine half our forum threads on the issues list – it would be difficult to moderate two forums! So, we differentiate between the forum and the issues list.

Two factors at work here:

  1. Open source, community first. In open source, rogue issue posters are asked to check the forum before posting. I have received this reponse several times myself, years ago when I first started trying to contribute to open source. We all live and learn.
  2. Anonymous users waste developer time, Discussion with anonymous posters is difficult, because there’s no email address for sending updates when developers ask them questions etc. If they’re serious about the issue, they’ll log in.

User conveniences at the expense of developer time is not a good tradeoff. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I get it… I just don’t know if it’s a good thing to offer a user who is not on the forums or Github to the option to send a bug report and send them around in circles. Also since I’m always logged in… what happens if you don’t have a github account… can you even create an issue? Maybe the easy solution is to just remove the Help → report bugs menu item? Or change the menu to put up a dialog directing a user if they want to report a bug to join and post in the forums?

We could add a ‘Submit bug’ link in the About section, and the link would take them to the forum.

There’s already a submit link that takes one to the Github → issues… which or course where one is presented with “return to forums” msg. Would make more sense - if the bug report link remains - that it is changed to take one to the forums, not Github issues. I would also create a new or rename Issues category “Bug Reports” as most lay person users won’t relate to “Issues”, but generally understand “Bug Reports”. It also keeps continuity… like the menu item and forum CAT are both labeled Bug Report. Of course the link should take one right to the category.