Seamlyme Formula Assistent diddnt work

@Grace, @Douglas, @csett86 ,

Today I worked for the first time after having updated Seamly 2d and Seamlyme. I Started with an individual measurmentlist, than I started the construction. One thing in Seamly is That the Point names ar not visible although I ticked the option shwo point name.

During the construction I had to add anv additional maesurment. I wanted to do it with the formula assistent but, as you will see in the attached screenshots, the measurments didnt show up in the formula assistent

Looking forward to read about this


It would probably be best if you were to post the .val & .vit files for them to review, rather than just the pictures.

Do I understand correctly that it worked fine in the previous revision of Seamly, but isn’t since the August 14 release?


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Hello, @H.Naehmann

The @Ac that you have highlighted has 0 values, so it won’t show up in the formula assistant. I see that the item above it is showing but those below are not. I’m wondering if you add values in @Ac, if it will change anything?

Please let me know. Thank you.

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Hmmm… I would think it should still show as a custom variable in the Fx dialog. The table(s) are populated by variable, not whether a variable has a non zero value.

Like @Pneumarian said, I’d like to see the .val / vit files… which I will be home today from rehab to look at. :slight_smile:

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@Grace, @Douglas, @Pneumarian ,

thank you all for your answers, to start with the answer from @Pneumarian, yes thats right Seamlyme showed up with this problem since the August 14th revision. The @Ad is the Armhole diameter, and its a formula value. I wanted to calculate ths. So, first I give the Measurment a Name AD, than I open the formula assistent, and there you normalily see all the measu8rements which you have already in the list, as to bee seen in the first scrennshot, and it worked well until I saved and closed the list. Than I wanted to put the additonal Value AD in the list.

HemdJens.vit (1.6 KB)

And the only measurement that occurs ist the Kh which iis the body body heigth. For the AD value I need the Bu value which is in the individual size list directly below the empty AD value. I also send you as asked the vit file.

Thx again I have no idea why the measurements from the list didnt occur in the formula assistent.

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@Pneumarian , @Grace , @Douglas, well thanks to you all again, it is defenetely the problem if you start a calculation within the list, all values below didnt show up in the formula assistent. If you put the New measure at the end than all the values of the list occur in the assistent. the Problem was I started at the end of the list but after giving the name Ad for the measure it went automatically upwards in the list to its alphabetical order. That was not in the version before, If I remeber it right, you have to place it with the arrows showing the direction.

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I think that you opened SeamlyME and added that @Ac code and since, when you open, the first row is highlighted, it added that code directly below it. SeamlyME doesn’t sort the codes into any order and you do need to sort them yourself. It’s only in Seamly2D, when using the formula assistant, that the codes are in chronological order. But this still doesn’t explain why none of the other codes, that have values, were also excluded from the list.