SeamlyMe - Opens with the title "untitled1.vit"

When first opening the SeamlyMe title bar is named “untitled1.vit - SeamlyMe” with no file having been created or opened. The file name also shows in the Window menu.


Then when a New file is created it’s named untitled2.vit. and the untitled1.vit disappears from the Window menu.


Also no need to identify SeamlyMe as the app associated with the file as vit’s are the only filetype / app that is used. This is just noise… what app was that again? Oh yeah. SeamlyMe.



Hee-hee, yeah… I don’t think that the SeamlyMe needs to appear everywhere, either. And I never really noticed the bit about the file names, I just create a .vit file & save it with it’s new name, so it doesn’t bother me. But I do agree that since you can’t create anything on the “untitled 1.vit” without first creating a new measurements file, that it’s totally moot to have it already named at the top. That should be blank until one clicks on ‘Create a new file’.

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Well I figured out how to not start with a file apparently already open, and to start the numbering at 1 … just need to remove the " - SeamlyMe" from the menu item names.


Well… removed the “- SeamlyMe” from the menu items, but discovered another minor issue. Abnormal behavior as follows… Create a new file, Open a file, create 2 more new files… then delete file (window) number 3… create new file. Now there are 2 untitled4.vit files.


This is due to the way the Window titles are created - which are then used to populate the Window menu items. The “number” is based on the open window count. As you could imagine, if one were to delete Bret.vit and create a new file, there would then be 3 untitled4.vit files, and so on… not the end of the world, but could be confusing.

I will leave this issue for now, but I have an idea to fix it at a later date as a separate issue.

What if the user is prompted for a name when creating a new file? Could add a name field to the existing dialog so instead of the titles being named “untitled< number >.vit” they would be what ever name the user enters for the measurement file. Just seems like a more logical work flow anyways. Thoughts?

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:slight_smile: I’m easy on this one. I don’t mind either way.

Hmm, I wonder how it does in Linux… testing

There are also… interesting… windowing issues in the last Linux AppImage. Load ME, (the blank window is labeled untitled1,) New file, (the populated window is now untitled2,) Open file, (named file,) New File, (untitled4 pop,) New file, (untitled4 nonpop,) New file, (untitled6 pop.) I will note however, that while I was choosing the last file’s guidelines, (inches/cm etc,) the window was untitled5, but it switched to untitled6 when I clicked OK.

IMO an untitled window’s number should be based solely on the numbers of untitled windows open. That’s how it worked on MacOS 7.5.3 back in the '90s anyway. /soapbox

I think the fill should default to untitled#.vit, but since ME has a very limited, directed scope I think it’s rare that we wouldn’t want to name it according to its intended purpose at creation. We obviously wouldn’t want the pictured drop-list. :laughing:

I also think there is value in the current setup, where it’s fairly obvious that one hasn’t saved yet if the window is still untitled#.vit


I did a check of a bunch of apps I use and here’s some observations.

In regards to the naming a new project untitled < window # > like SeamlyMe is a bad practice. Any of the apps I checked that do not present a “new project dialog” to name a project and use " do not use the window count, but rather an internal count. It avoids the possibility of naming projects the same name if you close a window. Several apps will simply add 1 to the counter and name it by that. Corel Draw will recycle & use a number if that page is closed, and pick up on the next available number.

A good portion of the apps I use present a New project dialog. Davici Resolve - a pro video editor - fills the box with Untitled Project #.


Studio One - the pro DAW I use, defaults the new Song Title to the date & the apps registered user name (my name). Creating another new song will then default to “Date Name(2)”, etc. Just as an aside if you note you can also select a template to start the project with - either a preset “style”, an audio interface specific template, or a user saved template - which is what I normally use, as it automatically adds all the effects to each channel and literally saves hours of setting up to record.


And Github Desktop uses “repository name”. Not sure what it does if you don’t rename it here… and create another new repository… "repository name(1)'?


Yeah… that was just a quick slice & dice of the screen cap - would use a normal line edit. :slight_smile: