SeamlyME Sizes and Heights

It catches me every time… There doesn’t seem to be any sense in increment system in SeamlyME and it’s been bothering me forever :frowning:

Height starts at 50cm and goes up to 200cm in increments of 6cm which means that one must go up or down a few cm to get close to the actual height. Couldn’t this be changed to 2cm? And from 0 (for dolls clothes)? Or to a user defined value and increment?

And then the sizes… From 22 to 72 in increments of 2. The 2 is fine, but if we could take them from 0 to 72, we’d be able to use them as we wish, for US measurements (6, 8, 10, 12…) or for European (32, 34, 36…).

Basically, what I’m asking for are more numbers to play with. What do you think?


Basically, “standard sizes” in are designed to work with soviet/russian GOST/OST standards, nothing else. That’s where weird 6cm increment is from. It should be re-thought from scratch to make it usable otherwise. For example, say programmers add more height options, do you have tables of measurements for every height in every size? Because in GOST you do and that’s how the whole thing works

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What I think should be done:

  1. Leave increments system as it is Russian users will say spasibo
  2. Add another type of table where all measurements are pre-calculated and there is separate column for every size. It should be possible to name columns/sizes however user wants (00 or XXL)
  3. Allow to import all this from a csv file

Any more ideas?

I like making my basic pattern in multisize. And then I copy it to make a working pattern that I can change the measurements to the individual and then slash/spread/trim to make pattern as requested.

Here is an image of my spreadsheet that I calculate the height differences for my multisize table:

As you can see, the Base (zero) falls in the centre of the blue area at 167cm and I can’t set this base because I either have to use 164 or 170cm. So my height adjustments will always be a little bit out no matter what I do.

So if one can change this to 1cm increments, that would be perfect, and to start at 0 for people who design dolls clothes, and one would be able to choose whatever base size they wish, I think it would make multisizes a wee bit more popular :slight_smile: and useful.

As far as the sizes go, I’ve been using the UK/German size comparison table since South Africa uses them the most - UK is the current and the German is the old method and the book that work from is UK. But I do think that if one could at least choose the country of the origin of the sizes it would help.

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Your way of working with sizes is quite unique, I think there should be a solution that makes multisize useful for you and doesn’t break it all for those who use the soviet sizing principle.

Although I can’t say I understand your system completely, but won’t it work with option 2 I described? Just transfer the whole table in and leave all the fuss with increments in excel?

There are also other problems that make people use ‘individual’ files for sizes which are actually standard, like irregular increments or non-numeric size names. I’ve worked on different levels with Russian, UK, European, US standard sizes and not-quite-standard sizing table devised by my client in China. I tried many things and I have no wish to force them into the increments system, and that’s where my idea of separate columns comes from

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I totally agree with the first item - I also wouldn’t want to interfere with the existing GOST methods, I don’t think that would be right. I don’t like taking away features, I’d rather add to the program. And the GOST methods would be perfect, if only one could choose the increments in height from a certain height upwards.

And item 3 would be a very nice ‘spoiling’. It would really be like the cherry on top of the cake to be able to import a csv file.

I need to think about item 2 a bit more. How would one implement this and still give both the size and height increments options? It would mean a whole new set of program files for every size table in the world so that everyone is covered, that one could choose when creating a multisize pattern along with choosing the base size and height.

I guess it’s just a pipe dream of mine :frowning:


I didn’t think of height differences inside sizes for option 2 because I really had no idea anyone would want this outside the GOST. Although EU and UK sizes do have tall/petite variations, so I should’ve. That’s for sure some food for thought

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Importing a csv file should be an option and is a good item to be added as a github issue