Sharing Patterns In A Collaborative Cloud

Hello and good day! I’ve been following this program for years now, and I’m so happy to see how far it’s gotten! I use Seamly2D for all my fashion projects!

That being said, I would love to see an active community-run cloud to host sewing patterns for Seamly2D! I know there is from a while ago, but I can’t figure out how to download anything, and it seems like it’s inactive! Thank you for all that you do, community! You’re all well-appreciated by me! c:


Hmmm, perhaps @MrDoo is busy with it - I know that he likes to keep the cloud updated with the new changes to the Seamly2D software - reply to self… Nope, it’s working.

And, yes, it’s meant to be a community-run cloud. We’re all supposed to load up our patterns, that we’d like to share, on there for others to download, change and upload again. I’ve loaded 1 or 2 on there, but mostly, I’ve shared a few measurement files for different pattern making systems, see the list :point_down:

It’s just that sometimes, life gets in the way.

So please, everyone, if you have a pattern that you’re happy to share, please do share it on the My Pattern Cloud

Perhaps @MrDoo will give us a tutorial on how to download the patterns, because I can’t find where, either :grinning:

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I’m very much still working on - as time permits. The user interface is going through a bit of a revamp, and with the next update it will be able to generate quicker, nicer previews and SVG exports.

Consequently the PDF walkthroughs for uploading, sharing, and downloading patterns all need updating. I think I need to do a video too as there are lots of useful tools that could be useful to the community, especially for re-factoring patterns, viewing patterns against an imported wallpaper etc…

Its one tiny issue away from being able to edit patterns on an iPad (etc.) too. If anyone is interested in that?

To share a pattern just upload it, then on the sharing tab pick how you want to share it, and whether you are also sharing patterns. You can tag patterns to help people find them. You can also manage the measurements for multiple people and see the history of those measurements.

It also has a mapping of measurement types to pattern making systems.

I will do some tutorials soon!