Shift on arc and

Good day please assist me I am getting all frustrations. Size 32 as my starting point, everything was ideal. I_N touching E_O on my lines. (Arc_ I_24, Arc Radius & Angles AND; N, Point Intersect Curve & Axis through point I) In addition, the lines did not touch where there are arcs when I loaded a different size 44.

Do I need a formula to correct this as the sizes change, and if so, what should it be? Considering that I’m not very skilled at arithmetic

size 32 image

size 44 image

thanking you :bouquet:


Which book (patternmaking system) are you using? And which page are you on? If you can let me know & perhaps send your .val & .vst files to me, I can have a look for you.

Just looking at the images, I’m sure that G should be at the intersection of the arc from B and the line C-Cg. It shouldn’t be able to move off that line when you change size, although the lines may move.

I am using Patternmaking for Fashion Design Helen Joseph-Armstrong Fifth Edition


Ok, I have that book.