Sin and cos, radians and degrees

How can I calculate the sin and cos of a angle of a line. I tried this but that doesn’t work:

In the bottom you can see: 12.5416 degrees. In the top it is 12,5416 cm.

I also tried sinD and no difference

That’s because you used an angle value in field that expect a length.

OK, so in the formula it reads 12.5416 degrees. Then I don’t understand the calculator: sin 12 degrees = 0,207912. That is not wat I see.

The function sin() expects radians. Use sinD() if you want use angle in degrees.

In the first picture you see that I did that. and there I get -1,42197

I will check why the value is wrong.

I have pushed patch that should fix this bug.:beetle:

It works!!! Great, thank you.:smiley:

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