Spelling error

Hi, the properties window of the pattern piece properties has a spelling error “poperties” instead of “properties”


Thank you, @JCDesign. I think this was mentioned before & we forgot to fix it. I hope @Douglas will come by & do a quick fix.

Thanks JC… yes I think this has been pointed out before. Thing is there are already existing (correct) translations, and when the spelling is corrected, and a subsequent lupdate (linguist language update) is run, the old source & translations are removed and the new source is added… thus making any translations missing.

To fix the spelling error & keep the translations - have to perform a bit of wrangling to backup the ts files, run lupdate, and go back in and edit the ts files with the translation(s) from the backups. That being said I’ve aleady got a translation related branch I was going to push later today, where I had to do the same process above… so I already have copies of the ts files and I can add this spelling change. :slight_smile:


Ah! brilliant, so it came just in time :grinning:

All fixed.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 050007

Screenshot 2024-07-01 050041