Stop Pieces From Rotating in a Layout

Is there a way to prevent pieces from being rotated and/ or flipped when creating a layout? Even if it take up more space?


Select File Menu ->Preferences Click on the Pattern Button in the left pane Check “Forbid Flipping” under workpiece


In Detail Mode Right Mouse Button Select -> Options for the detail piece you want to prevent flipping Check “Forbid Flipping”

Ok great thank you. So I assume this means I can only prevent flipping, and not the rotation of the pieces?

Rotation is irrelevant in layout mode. A layout is not meant as a cutting marker in the normal sense. Think of a layout as the sheets of a commercial sewing pattern where you have to cut the pattern pieces out to then place on the fabric to cut.

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I know in the normal sense of the use of a printed paper pattern, rotation doesn’t matter. But I am saving the layouts as an SVG, which I am then opening up in adobe illustrator. Then I select and separate the pieces so I can nest pieces of multiple sizes to create a new layout with all the sizes shown on one layout. Since it’s rotating the pieces, and not rotating them all the same I am having to use the grain line as a guide to unrotate all of the pieces so they will nest together in a cohesive manner. So no it doesn’t matter for cutting a sewing a printout from Valentina directly, but it adds extra steps when creating digitized patterns with more than just one size. I would say that the rotation of the pieces in this case is relevant. it would be nice if there was a way to prevent rotation as well as flipping.


Here is an example of what I’m doing with the pieces:

Val screenshot2

Can I assume you attached a png? For some reason png’s upload buy don’t display… jpg’s work. Anyhow I get what you’re doing. If you want I’ll add an issue to the repo to restrict rotating as well. I picture it added as an option like the no flipping.

No it was a JPEG, but it isn’t showing up for me either. I’m not sure why because it shows up on the preview. But since you understand already there is no real need for the image.

As a option would be great. I understand this is all still under development and as a newbie don’t want to come across as demanding or anything. Just something I have found that would be a nice addition to this already very valuable program.

On a side note. My computer is no longer automatically adding the code that copies bits of the conversation into my reply. I am not a computer programmer and don’t know how to fix it. Is there something simple I’m missing? I am selecting the text I want to refer too, copying it, and pasting it into the reply editor, but it isn’t doing the references back like it did in the learning conversation I had when I joined the forum. Sorry, I’m a newbie

Never mind on this. I figured out what I was doing wrong

Hmmm… I usually don’t have a problem with jpg’s displaying. I created a new topic asking about the png’s displaying… hoping maybe someone has a clue.

I believe down the road markers will be a needed feature, so to be able to restrict rotation will be neccessary - especially for one way fabrics. It’s a good idea… I’ll take a look at it.

I took a look at the issue of restricting rotating pieces in a layout… the idea was already brought up and I guess Roman chose to not address the issue. He made reference to being able to export the details without a layout, but that still does not address the issue. It’s a lot more complicated than restricting flipping. Assuming keeping the grainline of all pieces in the same direction… need to determine what angle each grainline is at. For starters, a grainline can be placed between 2 pins at any angle, centered on 1 pin, add to that a grainline can (then) be rotated at any angle. In addition some pieces may not have a grainline at all. In other words it’s not a case of restricting rotating pieces, but rather rotating each piece (if necessary) to align it’s grainline in same direction (of the paper) as any others.


That does sound quite complex. I’ll see what I can do with the exporting from layout mode for now.

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@caychochang - can you upload your file again ?

Val screenshot2

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Hi @caychochang, How about trying this:

  • Check ‘Ignore margins’ (You can add margins in Illustrator)
  • Uncheck ‘Rotate workpiece’

My version of the program doesn’t look like that? I’m using version 6.0.409a is there a newer version I need to load?

Oops! My Ubuntu version is one version too far…sorry about that. Can you uncheck the Rotation box, that might reduce the number of pieces that get rotated - it doesn’t eliminate rotation, as some of the smaller pieces will be rotated to fit between the large pieces.

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Am I mistaken, or wouldn’t it be better to have Grainline Angle: (with a formula box) in each piece & something like Lock to grainline in Layout? That way, the user could set a grainline with a defined angle for each piece, and the layout would use that angle to rotate the piece to the desired direction. I could see it being useful if you wanted to machine-cut fabric from your pattern with some pieces being cut on the bias.

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That’s what I suggested… but it’s a bit more complicated than that… what if a piece lacks a grainline? At any rate… This has to be resolved in the future if we’re to be able to generate a cutting marker - not to be confused with a layout.

If it doesn’t have a grainline, then its orientation in the layout doesn’t matter.