Surface Pro 8

I am having such a difficult time with my mac that I am checking into pc. Is this compatible with surface pro 8 with windows 11?

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I can’t answer the question as given, but I expect that installing a Linux distro alongside your MacOS would be significantly less expensive. You could even install something lightweight, like Porteus, on a cheap thumb-drive & boot off that, & install Seamly there.


Not being a Linux user I never even thought of this route… assuming that the recent Linux builds are not having some of the (Qt?) issues of the MacOs.

That being said I do have an Ubuntu distro installed on a USB drive and it works fine - other than the inconvenience of having to boot that laptop from the USB.


I use seamly2d on surface pro 7, running windows 11. I can’t see a reason why it should not work just as well on surface pro 8. However, like suggested by @Pneumarian, it would be cheaper and quicker to try the linux option first :slightly_smiling_face: