Survey Problems

The survey would NOT recognize my answer for the first question (personal use) and would not let me submit it - I had to select the “clients” one as well in order to submit. This is going to give you the wrong answers.

ALSO: Selecting N/A on the order of importance RESETS THE NUMBERS! Really annoying to have it all undone with the click of a mouse.

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I had the same problems, but then I realised that the questions were to be answered in importance to you personally. In other words, the one that is most important, select 1, next important - 2, and those that are not applicable to you, select 'not applicable, which will reduce the numbers available for the rest.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes … but if you select the 5 important ones, then select N/A for one of the remaining ones, on my browser the numbers ones all renumbered themselves.

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Yes, click your 1st preference & then the 2nd & 3rd, etc.

Curious if they actually renumbered themselves, or just re-ordered themselves. It’s also possible to number them by grabbing the drag pad on the left of the option & manually sorting them into order of importance. I know that when I first attempted the survey, (before discovering that I am not prepared for it,) it took me a bit to realize that it was reordering not renumbering.

Also wondering which Browser you use, it seems to work fine for me in Firefox 72.0.2 on Linux.

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