.svg file / pattern too big

I just wanted to test my plotter. Unfortunately the file, which was exported from Valentina, is approximately 20% to big…

square.val (2,3 KB)

Hi @tailor_s,

Which program do use to read an svg files? I just checked an svg file with Inkscape and it shows 80 cm as was need.

Previously i had similar issues with SVG. Looks like main issue was these two options:

<svg width="834.231mm" height="1180.84mm"
 viewBox="0 0 3153 4463" ....

Just to set width and size was not enough. But when i setted viewBox Inkscape begun to read size correctly.

I used libreoffice draw… But also my plotter program opened the svg file 20% too big

As you see, it shows 100 by 100 cm…

Very strange.

Send me your svg file. I updated the forum settings. Now we can attach svg.

That indeed is very strange…

Also tried it with this file, should be 102 cm of length…

Files are different. Did you edit your file? Which Valentina version do you use?

Try to open my file.

Just opened your file… But it’s the same

This is the reason why SVG is a bad choice.

What is your version of Libreoffice? My is

my version is

tried to export to .dxf but didn’t work…

Okay, i will check tomorrow.