Tabla de medidas infantiles

hola. estaba empezando a familiarizarme con el programa. como puedo cargar una tabla de medidas infantiles? he visto que la talla mas pequeña es la 22. quizás sea una pregunta absurda?

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There are no absurd questions :grin: This is one that has plagued me since the beginning… That one can’t choose smaller sizes. Until I realised that these are only numbers. The magic happens in SeamlyME when you set up the measurements table.

So before you start, decide whether the “size” is half of the bust measurement or full bust measurement and whether it is in inches or centimeters, or whether it is just a number for you - in which case you can say that a 22 is for a birth to 3 month size (just make a note of what you decide).

After that, decide what is your smallest size is for your base size - size 22, for instance - and set up your measurements file. :grin:

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